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Eyelash extensions are a luxury service and each set is customised specifically for each individual, using different thicknesses, lengths and curls of eyelash extensions. At Lady Lash we pride ourselves on apply safe, non-damaging lashes, which can be worn year round. Please follow our aftercare guidelines clearly to keep your lashes, and eye, in a healthy condition.

    • Classic Lashes
      The Classic look is timely, the name of this style says it all. This style of lashes is one lash extension applied to each of your natural eyelashes. The result of this look is much that of a great mascara. Darker, bolder and longer lashes. This is great for an everyday look.
    • Please note:
      If you have naturally sparse lashes, this look may not be for you. For example, if you only have 50 natural eyelashes per eye, we can only apply 50 eyelash extensions. For a fuller look, Russian Volume application and half Classic, half Russian Volume is best.
    • Classic Lashes
    • Classic Lashes $125
    • Classic Lashes Infills $95
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    • Russian Volume Lashes
      This style of lash application takes a lot of skill, time and patience. With specific Russian Volume tweezers, 2-8 very fine lash extensions are made into fans by your lash artist at the time of your appointment, for each and every one of your eyelashes. This look can be customised to give you your desired look including thickness, length and shape. This style is our most popular, adding density to sparse lashes, boldness to normal lashes, and intensity to those that are already blessed with a natural long length and thickness.
    • Russian Volume Lashes
    • Russian Volume Lashes $175
    • Russian Volume Infills* $145 for 80mins, $125 for 60mins, $105 for 45mins
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    • True Hybrid Lashes
      Hybrid lashes are a mixture of handmade Russian Volume Fans (see info above) and Classic lashes. This style creates texture and fullness, but is not as dramatic as a full Russian Volume style, and is not as natural as Classic lashes.
    • True Hybrid Lashes
    • True Hybrid Lashes $150
    • True Hybrid Infills* $110
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    • Henna Brows Tint and Tidy
      A 99% natural henna tint is used to create a rich, customised skin and hair stain, defining your brows. At your appointment a thorough consultation will help your stylist decide what colour, out of our 12 available works best for you. The tint lasts an average of 2-7 days on the skin, and up to 4 weeks in the hair. This treatment is not advised for anyone who is allergic to tinting or dying products, or those who have a sensitive skin, are on hormone treatments, or have active acne. We will tidy your brows using our precision tweezing method.
    • Henna Brows with Tweeze $60
    • Henna Brows with Wax $75
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    • Lash Lift and Tint
      Using specifically designed lash lift curlers in conjunction with a lash softening and setting solution, your lashes are reshaped into a beautiful curl, revealing more of your natural lash’s length. Once the lashes have been reshaped into a curl, a tint is then applied to darken the lashes, and a nourishing lash conditioning treatment is applied for shine and protection. This treatment is ideal for people with medium to long natural lashes. This treatment is not idea for someone with fine, damaged or short lashes.
    • Lash Lift (Including tint) $95
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    • Sparkle Bright Teeth Whitening Treatment
      Using the highest quality carbamide peroxide made in the U.S.A, the Sparkle Bright Teeth Whitening System process involves a 90-minute in-salon session where you relax with just your exposed teeth under a cool blue LED lamp. During this time, the carbamide peroxide works its magic removing surface stains from your teeth. This highly effective treatment is great for regular tea and coffee drinkers, smokers and lovers of red wine, or just nearly anyone who would love their smile to be brightened. Please note this treatment is not suitable for people with gum disease, cracked or chipped teeth, breastfeeding mothers or pregnant woman. Results vary from person to person depending on a number of factors. The level of lightening cannot be guaranteed.
    • Sparkle Bright Teeth Whitening Treatment $199
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    • Bondi Tan Spray Tan
      The Bondi Tan brand is at the forefront of the tanning world, and offers a range of tans to suit everyone. Our specifically designed spray tan room ensures privacy and comfort, and your tan will look like you just got off the plane from Hawaii, every time!
    • Bondi Tan Spray Tan $40
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    • Lash Service & Teeth Whitening Combo
      Have a special event coming up? Book the complete package with a lash and teeth whitening combo!
    • True Hybrid Lashes + Sparkle Bright Teeth Whitening $330
    • Classic Lashes + Sparkle Bright Teeth Whitening $300
    • Lash Lift + Sparkle Bright Teeth Whitening $270
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*Infills require no less than 50% of extensions remaining from pervious appointment. Lashes must be clean and ready to be filled before arrival to your appointment. To keep your lashes in tip top shape, we recommend having your lashes infilled every 2-3 weeks. Lashes that have less than 50% extensions on them, or lashes that were applied more than 4 weeks ago, will be charged as a full set. Please note we lose up to 3 natural lashes per day so after 3 weeks an average of 63 natural lashes would have fallen out
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